About Procedia Copyright Transfer Form Problem

About Procedia Copyright Transfer Form ProblemAbout Procedia Copyright Transfer Form Problem

support@elsevier.com adresine aşağıda ki metini kendinize uygun olarak doldurduktan sonra yollayabilirsiniz ve karşılaştığınız soruna çözüm oluşturacaklardır.

You can write an e-mail presented below to support@elsevier.com if you face a problem while completing the copyright transfer form.

Dear sir/madam;

I have received an e-mail from Procedia where it was requested to fill copy right transfer form. However, the system indicated an error while trying to finalize the process. Could you please help me to solve the problem.

Not: below is the link of my study.



Detailed Programmes are available !!!

Detailed programmes of ERPA Congresses 2014 are available. In order to check your proceeding’s details please click the “Detailed Programme” button and download the related PDF file.

Date of announcement:   2014-05-26

Virtual Presentations 2

Dear virtual participants,

     Virtual presentations should be prepared as power point presentation with voiceover of the speech. Meanwhile, the first slide should include personal information regarding the presenter (photo, affiliation etc.).

     Sincerely yours,

     Organizing Committee

Date of announcement:   2014-05-23

New Registration Deadline

Due to bank transfer problems we have extended the Registration Deadline!!!

New Registration Deadline is:  20th May 2014

Date of announcement:   2014-05-15

Virtual Presentations

Virtual presenters should use the platform provided, please click here.

Date of announcement:   2014-05-12

New Abstract Submission Deadline

Due to your intense expression of interest in participating, we are pleased to announce that the abstract submission deadline has been extended!

New Abstract Submission Deadline is13th May 2014

Date of announcement:   2014-05-06


Official congress languages are English and Turkish

Date of announcement:   2014-02-12


Full Text Template for publishing in PROCEDIA.


Date of announcement:   2013-11-01


It is a pleasure to share with you that we are contracted with Elsevier Ltd. for publishing ERPA Congress 2014 Proceedings in Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences which is indexed on the Science Direct and ISI Web of Knowledge. The proceedings should be written in good English and should be 3 to 6 pages in length.

Date of announcement:   2014-04-16